2018 Speakers

Aaron Berger
Strategies for Managing and Reducing Cow Depreciation

Aaron Berger is an Extension Educator in the southern Nebraska Panhandle. He grew up on a seed stock operation, interned in a feed yard, managed a grass fed beef business and operated a 150 head cow-calf/yearling operation with his family. His program focus is on beef cow economics, nutrition, risk management and range/forage production. Aaron’s goal is to provide research based information and learning experiences clientele can use to meet personal and business goals. Learn more at beef.unl.edu or contact Aaron at 308-235-3122 or email at aberger2@unl.edu

Mahdi Saatchi
Genetic/Genomic Evaluations, IGS and BOLT

Dr. Mahdi Saatchi is a genetic researcher who uses an advanced procedure known as genomic selection to enable farmers to produce more nutritious beef at a lower price. He is currently an Affiliate Assistant Professor at Iowa State University (ISU) and Lead Genomicist at International Genetic Solutions (IGS), which is the home for the world’s largest multi-breed genetic evaluation (>17 million registered animals), providing beef producers with scientific-based genetic selection decision tools. Genes are the element of DNA responsible for difference between breeds of animals. Intricate constellations of genes determine key traits like meat production, muscularity, and fertility. Scientists are still searching for the exact location where genes that have an effect on specific are located, but researchers are able to draw strong correlations between genes and traits using genetic markers, gene or DNA sequences with known location that can be used to identify individuals or species. Applied in the field, these connections enable farmers to breed cows that produce more and higher quality beef, while lowering their costs of production. He graduated from University of Tehran with a Ph.D. degree in Genetics and Animal Breeding in 2009. Following graduation, he was post-doctoral research associate at Iowa State University for three and half years, and then worked as Quantitative Research Scientist at Pig Improvement Company (PIC) in Tennessee for two years before he starts his joint positions at ISU and IGS. He has published more than twenty-five refereed journal articles and gave more than sixty presentations at scientific and industry meetings.

Jamey Kohake
How high can we go? Starting hedging, let it run? And all the outside factors that affect your operation.

Jamey Kohake is a licensed commodity broker. He is a veteran broker with over 15 years of experience serving customers around the Midwest. Mr. Kohake is a sought after public speaker, as his vast knowledge of agriculture markets is highly sought after. Mr. Kohake also provides commentary weekly on several radio outlets and on television when his schedule accommodates. Mr. Kohake offers an advisory service for agriculture producers to assist them with all of their marketing needs. Mr. Kohake holds a Business degree from Emporia State University and currently resides in Topeka, KS.

Stuart Norman
Forage Fermentation, Silage Inoculants and the additional benefits available from inoculant use.

Stuart Norman is a 1987 Graduate of Berry College at Mt. Berry, GA. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and Business. Following graduation Stuart worked for over 10 years learning and implementing sound manufacturing and quality assurance principles and practices. Stuart joined Coast Grain Company in 1998 and worked with livestock producers supplying their feed ingredient needs as the Division Sales Manager at Cartersville, GA. In 2002 Stuart joined Micron Bio-Systems, Inc., Buena Vista, VA. Save for a stint pursuing business interests with extended family Stuart has been and is an Account Manager / Sales Representative based out of his Gulfport, MS home. Stuart works with producers across the southeastern and mid-western United States on a variety of livestock feeding issues including forage production, storage and feeding issues.

Brian C Price
Less is More – Best Practices for Security Cameras on Your Farm

Brian Price is the Owner/Founder of On Sight 247. On Sight 24/7 is a technology company that specialized in security cameras for agriculture and is located out of Mitchell, South Dakota. To date Brian and his team support security camera installations on over 500 farms and ranches across the United States and Canada. On Sight camera systems also monitor over 1 million cattle located in feedlots, dairy, sale barns, pastures and calving barns.

Prior to starting On Sight 24/7 in 2012, Brian was a Senior Project Management Consultant based in the Twin Cities on Minnesota. His most notable customers were Land O’ Lakes, Microsoft, Intel and the Mayo Clinic.

Dave Lubben
Management Intensive Grazing

Dave Lubben graduated from Iowa State in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Farm Operations, and returned home to the family farm. His family owned operation consists of 230 cow/calf pairs, corn, soybeans, hay, pasture, management intensive grazing and feedlot enterprises. Dave farms with his daughter, son in law, and niece who are also Iowa State Alumni. Management intensive grazing has been a part of our system for 27 years, and we have also incorporated grazing alfalfa. His program will focus on getting started with intensive grazing, pasture management, challenges, and goals. Dave is a recipient of Region III Environmental Stewardship Award and Master Farmer Award.

Patrick Wall
Break-out Session 1: The Iowa Cowmaker Elite (ICE) Heifer Development Program: Enroll Today
Break-out Session 2: Beef Quality Assurance Certification Opportunity

A central Illinois native, Patrick Wall came to Iowa State University via Black Hawk East and the Livestock Judging program. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science from ISU in 2001 & 2003, respectively. Wall’s graduate work was in carcass ultrasound, a technology that helped shape his career. After a year as a junior college coach and instructor, Wall helped manage The CUP Lab in Ames, Iowa for over 4 years, overseeing the training of lab and field technicians. Wall spent an additional 4 years as the Director of Genetic Improvement for the American Shorthorn Association, developing four $Value Indexes still used by the breed today. In 2013, Wall joined the Iowa Beef Center team at ISU Extension & Outreach as a Beef Field Specialist for Southeast Iowa. He leads team efforts in genetics, selection, and technology transfer to beef production. In addition, he organizes the educational program for the annual Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference and is the coordinator of the new Iowa Cowmaker Elite (ICE) Heifer Development Program.